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jewellery by david

bespoke and raw

The art of jewellery

Always interested in the mechanics of how everything works, David was soon learning all about pearls. From how they're grown, to what makes a good pearl. How to match them up for earrings, how to put a good strand together and all the tools of the trade behind the scenes. It was all quite fascinating, and a natural progression of the journey took place as gradually he worked more and more hands on himself with the raw materials. David found, as he tried to convey to others what he saw in his minds eye, that it was easier to do, than explain. And in the process, discovered that he had a natural predisposition for what he refers to as his 'miniature sculptures'.

Specialising in South Sea pearls, Tahitian pearls, Japanese Akoya, precious gems (his favourites being saphires, rubies, emeralds and citrines in all their gorgeous colours)and metals - gold, silver and copper, David is now able to transfer every artistic idea he sees in his mind, and bring his raw, industrial creativity to life in the jewellery he makes for clients as commissions .