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jewellery by david

bespoke and raw

For the first time i am offering a unique and interesting opportunity.Starting very soon on a weekly basis, i will be showcasing a gorgeous article of jewellery open to trade.So if you have something of equal or similar value with which you could swap then please feel free to contact me and we'l see if we can make a trade.At this point in time i'm most interested in deals involving property:- land, housing or product of value towards or along those lines. But i am also open to other ideas too.

By the same token, if you have something of higher value than the particular item on show, don't hesitate, drop me a line, and if it's something agreeable for mutual trade i could certainly be open to offering something of higher value to match your item.

This sentiment could equally apply to smaller value items too. I will be showcasing a broad range of beautiful items spanning the spectrum from 'little beauties' to 'over the top showstoppers' and everything in between, so i'll be waiting to see which lovely piece or pieces take your fancy!