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jewellery by david

bespoke and raw

creating the pieces

The making of a jewellery piece is the same process for me as creating an artwork. First up i visualize an image of the piece. This can sometimes come to me as i dream or i can simply think of the person i am creating for and an image will generally emerge freely to my mind. Next i select the materials that i've either envisaged or that would work best with my design. As each individual piece takes it's own journey I then either form the firing bronze or copper in a kiln, or using a 1200 degree gas torch, make a 24ct filled glass bead, or i research and source massive south sea pearls or tahitian pearls to make whatever is required from a rope strand to a custom choker strand. From conservative to my version of full artistic expression included.

My process is always the same; i work the piece until it is the same as the picture in my mind. Each individual creation simply takes as long as it takes for me to be satisfied in the look, the feel, and the emotional response that i have to it. The finale is the response it produces in the person it is made for.

I work in a simple and raw format to make my pieces. Always pushing the boundaries of creativity. This enables me to create bespoke pieces of jewellery for an amazing range of wonderfully individual clients whom i have great enjoyment in meeting. It's the people i get to meet who make my journey a wonderful adventure! So thank you.